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8 Items that Require Climate Controlled Storage – Tips From Local Moving Companies in Florida

8 Items that Require Climate Controlled Storage – Tips From Local Moving Companies in Florida

storageIs there a bit too much clutter in your home? Or, are you preparing for a major upcoming move and need to temporarily warehouse your belongings? No matter the reason, you may be looking into safe, secure storage.

However, not all warehousing facilities are created equal. So, before you call local moving companies to transfer your property, find out if the location in question is climate controlled. Depending on what you’re storing, you may indeed require a locale that monitors their ambient temperature, as well as humidity and dryness levels.

Below is a list of 8 items that absolutely need climate controlled storage, so you can have a better idea of the type of location you’ll require.

  1. Wood and Leather Furniture

As most local moving companies will tell you, furniture made of wood and leather is prone to moisture damage. If the atmosphere is too humid, wood can crack, warp, and rot. Furniture made with leather isn’t much better off, since exposure to moisture results in discoloration, as well as build-up of mildew.

  1. Electronics

Without a doubt, you’ll need a climate controlled facility to store items like game consoles, entertainment systems, and televisions. High humidity can completely ruin the wiring in high-end electronics. Extreme heat, as well, can simply roast a device’s motherboard, causing permanent damage.

  1. Photos

High heat damages the sensitive layer of ink on the surface of photos. Usually, people stack their pictures in stacks inside boxes. They don’t realize this can cause a real problem when humidity and heat make the ink layers run, which causes them to stick together, making them nearly impossible to separate without ripping them apart. As such, it’s essential to have a climate controlled location, so you don’t lose those precious, irreplaceable memories.

  1. Documents

Again, ink doesn’t do well in very humid conditions, so documents wind up getting ruined. When it comes to government identification or business documents, the eventual damage can render the information void.

  1. Musical Instruments

To maintain the integrity of musical instruments, all of which are very sensitive to temperature, humidity, and dryness, a climate controlled facility is necessary. Irreparable warping or erosion can be caused to wooden instruments like clarinets, violins, and pianos.

  1. Fine Art

Controlled ambient temperature is key for fine art storage. Although some individuals go through many steps to wrap their pieces carefully, before storing them in protective crating, this isn’t enough to keep them from damage due to temperature fluctuations. Make sure your art doesn’t devalue by choosing a climate controlled facility from the start.

  1. Appliances

Though your modern appliance looks like it can withstand just about anything, the truth is, its electrical components are extremely sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. Since large appliances like dishwashers, washers, and dryers are so pricey, it’s best not to forgo the need for temperature control.

  1. Mattresses and Bedding

Humid conditions are the absolute worst for mattresses and bedding, causing mold that is dangerous to your health. As well, if a storage facility isn’t properly secured from outside pests, you may eventually be dealing with a bed bug outbreak or a rodent infestation.

Need climate controlled storage? Why not call one of America’s top local moving companies to help you find secure warehousing! At Griffin Moving, we’ll keep your belongings safe in our modern storage buildings.