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Apartment Moving: How to Make it Easier

Apartment Moving: How to Make it Easier

Are you leaving your apartment? Moving can be an exciting time as you plan your new home and explore your surroundings. However, as moving day approaches and your “to-do” list expands, you may feel overwhelmed. The secret to a successful apartment relocation is preparation. We’ve compiled a list of recommendations to make your apartment transfer as smoothly as possible.

Change of address

Once you sign your lease, your apartment relocation is complete. Address changes can be made online, and to avoid missing mail and fraud, file as soon as possible. Getting this step done as quickly as possible will save you time later.


Organize the movers

Plan ahead of time and negotiate pricing if you intend to hire professional movers. Some moving companies charge a flat fee plus the hourly wage of the crew, while others charge extra for items such as blankets used to wrap your furniture (whether you request them or not). You are entitled to a written cost breakdown.


Examine your belongings.

Managing your belongings may be the most challenging aspect of moving, but it will help to speed up the overall process. Begin with the largest. If they don’t fit, sell, or give them away. Get rid of anything that doesn’t make you happy, including books, clothes, and souvenirs.


Pack according to room.

Choose the most pressing needs for each room. You won’t need your holiday dishes right away, but you might need a can opener or a corkscrew. Top each moving box with a few items from the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.


Pack clothing efficiently.

Hang your clothes up. Drape a clean heavy-duty garbage bag over a set of hangers, puncturing the bag like a dry cleaner would with a clear bag draped over a suit. Place the bag’s contents in a large box and hang them in your new closet. Dresser drawers should be packed into small boxes to make unpacking easier.


Show gratitude to those who assist you.

Make it a fun day for everyone if your friends are helping you move. Send a text message confirming the start time for the day. Fill the fridge with drinks, sandwiches, and snacks. Prepare to pay for gas if your friends are driving.


Finally, once the transfer is complete, you can unwind. You’ve accomplished a lot, and now it’s time to relax. As you unpack, create a peaceful haven that you’ll be happy to call “home.”