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Back To College Moving Tips

It’s always exciting to go back to college for another year, but it can be a little nerve-wracking too. It’s difficult to try and figure out what you need to take with you and what you can leave home, especially if you’re living in a dorm room with limited space. You don’t want to end up with stuff that you don’t have any space for and yet you also want to be sure that you have everything you need. According to organization experts these are the things every student should do when they are moving back to college:

Think “Double Duty”

When you are living in a small space everything that you have should be serving more than one function, according to professional organizers. For example, pack you winter clothes in clear, flat storage bins instead of in boxes and then you can lift your bed on risers and slide those storage bins right under your bed. You won’t even need to unpack the bins, just put them away. That will save space and it will save you time as well. A storage ottoman can be extra seating when you need, a bedside table at night, and storage for books and papers too. Get creative when it comes to furnishing your dorm.

Go Vertical

There isn’t a lot of floor space in a dorm room but there is wall space so think vertically and put up shelves and other storage that will make it easier to keep your room clean and organized. One organizer tells her clients to install a full wall storage system, like a closet system, on one of the dorm room walls because it can hold hanging and folding clothes, books and papers, dishes and cleaning supplies, and groceries.

Plan Ahead

The day of the move is going to be stressful but you should plan in advance for that. Have a checklist of everything that you want to bring and make sure that your boxes are labeled properly because it’s possible they could get lost or mistaken for someone else’s belongings when there are hundreds of students moving into the same building on the same day. Check out the parking situation and be sure you know where the doors closest to your room are to make moving in easier.