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Cleaning Out Your Apartment Before Moving: 5 Helpful Tips

Moving can be difficult and stressful. It’s a difficult task that could lead to procrastination. Between packing, organizing, and moving, cleaning is often ignored. Last-minute cleaning is usually haphazard. Cleaning is vital if you’re renting because many tenant agreements limit deposit returns if objects aren’t left clean.

There is an alternative. You don’t have to save everything for a mad dash, rummaging through your belongings and shoving them into bags without looking. We provide apartment cleaning advice on this site.


  1. Remove Clutter

Remove any unnecessary items from your home; stacks of paperwork, old receipts, appliance boxes, junk mail, and anything else you don’t need. You’ll have a quieter home and know how much to pack if you clear out the clutter. You can also give, sell, throw away, or recycle unwanted items.

  1. Recycling and garbage

After that, collect your trash and recycle it with care. Sort through all of the garbage and place it in its proper location. Compost, donate old clothes, and recycle gadgets eliminating the need for last-minute bagging. It will provide room for you to see what you have.

  1. Laundry

Why would you bring soiled clothes? Why should you begin your new life doing laundry? Empty your clothes baskets before you move. Multitasking is possible at this stage. You can continue your day after putting your clothes, bed linens, and towels in the machine.


  1. Start with the kitchen and bathrooms.

Cleaning kitchens and bathrooms can be challenging. Starting there is a good idea. Why? Because you’ll be happy. Believe in yourself. Begin with the toilet and then move on. Shower, sink, countertop, and mirror Starting at the worst part of the room permits you to finish strong.

Clean the sink and cooktop in the kitchen. There are cleaning stations for counters and cabinet doors. Wipe down the refrigerator, oven, and microwave, if applicable. Remove food particles, crumbs, and dust from corners, cupboards, and appliances with a mop or a Swiffer.


  1. Have fun!

Allow yourself to have some fun while doing your housekeeping duties. It may sound like chore-related advice from your mother, but it is crucial. Play some music. Listen to an audiobook or a podcast. Use your laptop to watch Netflix. Nothing should be a chore. Take in the scenery. Make a game out of it and reward yourself. Reward yourself every time you finish a room or a project. You are deserving!