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Five Important Questions to Ask in Your Quest for a Commercial Mover

Finding the perfect commercial mover can be nearly as stressful as the actual process of relocating your entire business. You want superior customer service at a fair price, and also a company you can trust with all of your tangible business assets. Additionally, you need speed and efficiency because you cannot afford any prolonged interruptions. Here are five basic questions you should ask any potential commercial moving company:


Are you licensed and insured and do you offer valuation protection?

As a business owner yourself, you absolutely know the unexpected can happen. Make sure the moving company you are working with can cover the cost of any lost or broken equipment as a result of the move. Know before the move exactly how you go about making a claim. Movers can limit their liability when it comes to articles of extraordinary value, so you will need to specifically ask about any limitations before your move. Make sure everything is in writing.

Will you give me an itemized written estimate?

You cannot afford any surprises when it comes to the expense of moving your entire business. Your relocation may require a variety of components such as moving furniture, expensive machinery or equipment, technology, appliances and more. A well-run moving company will spend the time walking through every inch of your business and carefully examining all items to be moved. If high-cost items and sensitive equipment are to be relocated, the added complications involved should be a part of the estimate. Make sure you are very upfront and honest about your inventory. Communicate your exact requirements and expectations so you can get a fair and accurate quote.

Are you willing to move during my off-peak hours?

Timing is everything in commercial relocation. Your business most likely cannot afford extended interruptions, so a moving company that will work with you during your off hours is extremely helpful. Again, be very upfront in describing your needs and schedule. Ask for a detailed plan so you and your employees know exactly how much down time to expect and can strategize accordingly.

Can you give me recommendations from previous clients, if possible one in my industry?

Talk to other businesses who have used the services of the commercial moving company you are considering. What aspects of the move left them satisfied and what might have been disappointing or less than expectations? Even minor positive and negative issues should be weighed when you are making your own selection. If there were problems, how did the moving company go about resolving these issues? Was the client satisfied? Did they feel they received all the attention their move deserved?

Will we have a dedicated service representative or point person?

Your company should have a dedicated committee planning every aspect of your relocation. Ideally, have a representative from each department to ensure everyone’s interests and concerns are represented. Your commercial moving company should have a dedicated representative willing to work with this committee to make sure things run smoothly on moving day.

Relocating your business is an enormous decision, so carefully examine all aspects of your moving plan and find a moving company who will work with you to make the process a positive experience. Do not be afraid to ask several questions and request all final decisions in writing. A reputable commercial moving company will patiently explain all service options and give a detailed estimate. Hopefully, your relocation will be a success and your business will thrive in your new location.