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Florida Movers Help You Get to Your Florida Winter House

You’ve picked a great time to move because as the weather cools down, so do prices!  With the summer months behind us, demand decreases as do costs for hiring Florida movers.  You can start focusing on those warmer winds and some good rounds of golf and leave the moving work to our experts!  As industry leaders, they have the experience and skilled staff to ensure that your belongings are handled expertly and according to your requirements.

Need Florida Movers For Your Move?

florida moversHaving work done at your winter house in Florida?  Worried that unexpected work delays might leave you stranded and in need of storage?  We know that “stuff” can happen and try as we might, the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry.  You can rest assured that our Florida movers are up to the task.  Griffin Moving is well-versed in dealing with the odd moving hiccup and can easily accommodate your warehousing needs, whether they be short or long term.  And we’ll store whatever household item you have – from furniture to exercise equipment and even fine art!

Wondering which Florida movers provide extra assistance?

Perhaps you’re on your own?  Maybe you’ve got too many things going on that prevent you from handling packing ahead of time?  Worried that your age or health condition requires you to abstain from physically demanding tasks?  Concerned that Florida movers won’t be patient and reliable?  We are a family run business with friendly professional staff who have been providing families with moving support for over 60 years.

At Griffin Moving, we know how to create the ideal moving plan that fits with your particular needs and we have complete service packages that can include:

  • On-site packing
  • On-site disassembling of furniture
  • Loading and shipping
  • On-site unpacking
  • On-site furniture reassembly

With our skilled staff and friendly crews, there’s absolutely no need for you to stress about handling everything on your own!  Our Florida movers will do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on better and more enjoyable things.  Call today and speak with one of our moving specialists for more details or fill out our free online form.