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Fun Facts About Moving

Moving Actually Has Fun Facts!


The word “fun” typically doesn’t come to mind when you think of moving. However, there are a ton of moving-related facts that frequently astound people. Check out these interesting moving facts for a bit of entertainment!


  • How long does it take to move? Moving takes more than 6 hours on average! Moving is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through, so it makes sense that it takes time to pack your belongings and time for your professional movers to load them onto the moving truck and transport them to your new home. It is even ranked higher than losing a loved one to death or being fired.


  • Relocating for family reasons is the most common reason for relocating. This might entail welcoming a new family member or even growing closer to some members.


  • Which day is the most popular for moving? Friday! It makes sense that Friday is the busiest moving day because it frequently marks the end of the workweek, giving you the entire weekend to organize your new residence.


  • Interesting fact: 46% of these moves will involve people who are staying in the same county as they are but moving into a bigger house or a different neighborhood.


  • Over the course of their lifetime, Americans move an average of 11 times! Do you fall under this heading?


Even though these are some fantastic fun moving facts, it’s normal to experience some apprehension, anxiety, and stress when it comes to the actual move. After all, it ranks among the biggest stressors a person can experience. Working with the right moving companies is the key to managing this. We are the experts to contact! Griffin Moving & Storage can handle your move, whether it’s 25 miles away or across the state, on a Friday or a Monday, during or outside of the busy season.