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How to Make the Most of Your Office Move

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If you’re planning an office move for your business or corporation, minimizing downtime is probably foremost on your list of concerns. Simply put, if your office isn’t operating, you won’t make as much money! At Griffin Moving & Storage, we’re qualified office moving professionals. We want to help you streamline your move as much as possible, so you can start making a profit again! When moving your office, it’s always important to:

    • Plan Far Ahead!

You can never be too prepared. Planning will help ensure that unexpected setbacks won’t hold up your business for another day – or longer. Think of the money you’ll save! It’s especially helpful to create a floor plan and inform your employees in advance.

    • Communicate With Your Movers

Let your movers know your requirements, floor plan, and scheduling concerns in advance. If you’re moving to an upper floor, check if the elevator is available, and inform your movers accordingly.

    • Move Over the Weekend

Weekend moving can be more expensive, but it will spare your office from being closed on business days. All things considered, it’s likely far more economical.

    • Notify Your Clients

Your clients should be aware of your relocation in the event of any complications. Keep your customers happy!

    • Upgrade!

Donate your old software and equipment and replace it with newer, more efficient technology. You’ll make more money in the long run!