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How to Pack a Messy House

Packing a Messy House

The initial and crucial step to remember is the importance of organizing your home before tackling the packing process. It’s essential to understand that there’s no need to pack items you wouldn’t want to take with you. By prioritizing organization within your home, you can simultaneously declutter as you progress.

The Decluttering Process:

  • Adhere to the one-year rule: If you haven’t used or worn an item in a year, it’s time to consider donating it or disposing of it.
  • During your organizing process, establish three distinct piles: one for items to donate, one for belongings you wish to retain, and one for items to discard.
  • Start by addressing one room at a time. When dealing with a cluttered home, breaking the task into individual goals for each room makes the process more manageable.

The following steps should be kept in mind when learning how to pack a messy house:

Step 2: Pack One Room at a Time

This approach aligns seamlessly with the room-by-room organization strategy. Breaking the task into smaller, room-specific goals can create a sense of achievement and progress. Remember that Griffin Moving & Storage Movers provides expert packers who can come to your residence and handle the packing if you prefer not to do it yourself. This option is especially valuable for individuals under time constraints to complete their move. Griffin Moving & Storage Movers offers comprehensive packing services to streamline any relocation, including those with cluttered homes, in addition to their professional moving and storage solutions.

Step 3: Always Label Your Boxes

Creating a designated spot for each item being moved to your new home can significantly help in preventing a cluttered living space. Moreover, the effort you invested in organizing your previous house will likely carry over into your new residence, promoting a sense of order and organization in your new living environment.


Messy House? Remember, Don’t Panic!

When you’re preparing for a move, and your home is in disarray, it’s crucial not to panic. Begin at a comfortable pace, setting achievable goals for organizing and decluttering. Don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional if needed. With additional hands on deck, even a messy house can be tamed in such situations! Call us today for a free quote!