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How To Pack Electronics For A Move

Most people these days have a lot of electronics in their homes and making sure that they’re all packed safely for moving can be a challenge. Replacing electronics can get very expensive very quickly so it’s important to do everything you can to protect those pricey electronics from getting damaged in a move. Here are some expert tips that will help keep your electronics safe until they get to your new home:

Don’t Skimp On The Protective Wrapping

There are times when you can get away with using a minimal amount of bubble wrap and other protective wrapping but wrapping your electronics is not one of those times. Wrap, wrap, and then wrap some more. Make sure every part of the item is protected.

If Possible Use The Original Box

The best way to pack expensive electronics is to put them back into their original boxes, preferably with the original Styrofoam padding and cladding to protect them. But, if you no longer have the original boxes purchase specialty boxes made for packing electronics. There are moving boxes just for TVs of various sizes as well as padded boxes for other electronics. It’s worth paying more to buy moving boxes just for your electronics. Smaller electronics can be packed in regular boxes but should be padded carefully and not overpacked.

Use Clothes And Towels Too

Dig out your winter sweaters and all those old towels and use those to wrap your TV, your monitor, your console system, and all your other electronics. They are fantastic extra padding for fragile items and if you use them as packing material you won’t have to fold them up and pack them later on.

Label Electronics Boxes

All of your boxes containing electronics should be labeled and color coded so the movers know the items inside are very fragile and you will be able to tell the movers where each box goes when it goes unloaded. When you’re packing your electronics group together the wires for each item and put a colored twist tie or rubber band around them to keep the cords with the item. You can  use color coded stickers to mark where each wire goes to make it easier to set the item up when you get it unpacked.

Think About The Temperature

Some high end TVs, computer systems, and other electronics are sensitive to temperature. Depending on where you live you may need to take the heat into consideration, especially if you’re moving in the summer. The inside of a moving truck can get very hot, especially for an item wrapped in bubble wrap and blankets. If you have a lot of expensive electronics that could be damaged by the heat you might want to consider getting a climate controlled moving truck to keep the temperature inside the truck at a cooler temperature to protect your electronics. That will cost more, but it won’t cost as much as replacing a state of the art TV or sound system.