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How to Pack up a Kitchen like a Pro for a Move

packers and moversThe fact is, the kitchen can be a tough room to pack. That’s because there are so many different – yet delicate – items to box. Glasses, dinnerware, special occasion china, oven mittens, kitchen utensils, and food are just some of the things you’ll need to figure out how to box. But, with the following helpful tips from our Miami movers, you’ll be packing up your kitchen like a professional for your upcoming transfer.

Griffin’s Miami Movers Offer Tips on Packing Your Kitchen

Small Appliances

The best way to package small appliances is in their original boxes. Most of the time, however, people no longer have those on-hand. In this case, choose a box that fits the carefully wrapped appliance without too much extra space to spare. That way it doesn’t bounce around unnecessarily and wind up getting damaged.


When it comes to dishes, the best approach is to individually wrap each plate to avoid scratches and cracking from rubbing together, packing them on their ends. In the box, line them up vertically, as though they’re standing alongside each other. Once a row is complete, fill in the rest of the box with protective filler like bunched-up newspaper.


You know that plastic tray you use to keep your silverware in order in the drawer? Well, that tray is what will ensure your silverware doesn’t get scattered everywhere during the move. You’ll just need to tape a few sheets of newsprint or a piece of cardboard over the top to close off the hole.


Each individual glass must be wrapped in paper to prevent cracking or chipping the cups during transport. Always pack the glasses standing up in a box, not on their sides as this can easily crack them.

Pots and Pans

Although you’ll want to wrap each pot and pan one-by-one to prevent scratches, you can add several of them to a large container. When packing them up, place pans vertically in the box. Pans, on the other hand, should be placed on their bottoms, in their most stable position.

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