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How to Properly Pack Pictures

Packing Pictures

You will find that artwork and pictures share many similarities. After all, both require more than putting it in a box and crossing your fingers. The following are things you should avoid doing:


  • Avoid packing up photos to store them in non-climate-controlled storage facilities. You’ll discover that heat has the power to ruin pictures by melting them, making them adhere to the glass, and more.
  • Don’t skimp on the packing paper. Use as much to aid in packing as is required.


The following are some things to remember when packing pictures:


  • To add protection to the frame while moving, use masking tape to create an X on the glass.
  • To add more support, cover the glass in the picture frame with a sheet of cardboard before moving.
  • Cover the entire frame and image with packing paper, then fasten it.
  • Do consider using specialized picture boxes that are made to further cushion the frame and picture.


What if you are packing unframed or unbound photos that you haven’t had a chance to frame? You’ll discover that during a move, loose pictures can sustain significant damage. What we would suggest doing is:


  1. Spend some time organizing these unorganized photos into a photo book. These books are made to preserve photos, and this will be the safest way to move them.
  2. Avoid putting loose pictures in Ziploc bags because they may stick together and become ruined.
  3. When moving loose pictures, make sure you have digital backups because accidents can happen to these delicate pieces of paper.


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