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How to Save Money During A Move

How to Save Money During a Move

Finally, after weeks and weeks of searching for the perfect place, you’ve found it! Certainly, it’s exciting to start anew in a fresh environment. But, along with the thrill comes the many costs of moving. Suddenly, bills start to pile up, and you’re left wondering how you’ll manage it all. You can’t exactly skip buying tape and boxes, can you?

Well, while there are certain items you’ll need for your big day, there are indeed ways you can save money during a move. Read on to find out how from our Griffin Moving professionals. As one of America’s top moving companies, we know every hack, tip, and trick there is!

Avoid Weekends and the Summer Season.

No matter which moving companies you contact for quotes, they’ll all tell you that weekday and off-season bookings are the least expensive options. Mid-to-end-of-month is also best to avoid as costs start to go up. With some flexibility on your end, you’ll be able to save quite a bit.

Scope Out Local Businesses.

A great many people turn to local businesses for free cardboard boxes. While it’s a cheap fix, make sure to select only the sturdiest boxes. As well, bookstores tend to have the best selection of boxes that haven’t had any run-ins with spilled liquids or mushy fruit.

Get Creative When You’re Packing.

Before purchasing bins, boxes or crates from moving companies, have a look around your home. With a creative eye, you’ll be able to discern other equally ideal containers for your moving needs. Coolers, laundry baskets, hampers, suitcases, and gym bags make for excellent options. Don’t forget to wrap items in bubble wrap – or towels, linens, and clothing – to avoid breakage.

Skip the Full-Service Option and Go Hybrid.

Instead of spending money on full-service assistance, carefully pick and choose what you really need. If you can pack and unpack everything yourself, then ask to have movers just for the loading, transport, and unloading portion of your move.

Understand Moving Charges.

Are you getting a package deal or an hourly rate? It’s essential to understand how you’ll be charged, so you can stay within your budget. Also, being organized beforehand will lessen the likelihood of extra fees for last-minute extras such as disassembly or additional packing supplies.

For more information on our relocation services or other tips on saving money during a move, call us today at Griffin Moving.