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Moving Antiques and Fine Art

Professional Advice on Moving Antiques and Fine Art in Fort Lauderdale, FL & Surrounding Areas

Including fine art and antiques in your move can be nerve-wracking for their high-value and fragile handling. If you have a residential or commercial move, find a professional moving and storage company who are ready to help you move with their careful handling and packing techniques meant to protect the most valuable of your items. In this blog, our professional movers will explain how to approach a move involving antiques and fine arts and how each item is packed.

The first step to planning for your move is to schedule estimates with different moving companies to get different opinions and advice about your move. Ask about their protection plans for moving such valuable items. Go to your insurance as well so see what protection plans they offer.

When packing both fine art and antiques, it is important that every part of their surface is covered to prevent scratches or knicks during the move. Padded blankets and bubble wrap add extra protection. Before the move or packing begins, photograph and keep records of every antique and piece of fine art to document their state before the move in case and damage or losses occur during the move.

Fine Art Packing

Fine art is packed with corner protectors, is wrapped in breathable paper, bubble wrapped, taped, and the stowed with padded blankets to keep them saft during transit. Fine art can be wrapped, put in their original boxes, packed in telescope boxes, or have a custom crate built to pack them safely and securely. These options are flexible to fit your pieces the best, but every option is meant to provide safe transportation.

Antiques Packing

Antiques are wrapped up to cover every part of their surface to prevent any knicks or damage. Once wrapped in blankets, bubble wrap, and packing paper, they are covered with padded blankets and secured in the moving truck. For larger objects, custom crating is another way to transport them.

Pick a moving and storage company that has careful and precise packing capabilities for your priceless items. Let your antiques and fine art be one more thing ready to go on your moving and storage checklist. With these tips, you are ready to begin planning your move.

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