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Moving Help in Miami, FL for Your Florida Move

Whether you’re relocating one state over or clear across the States, moving to Florida doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor. Avoid the stress – and the mess of a last-minute move – with these 7 super-simple, quick tips for a move that’s smooth. With this experienced advice from our Griffin Moving and Storage crew, you’ll be in your new home in no time enjoying the Florida views!

Need Moving Help in Miami? Take a Look at These Tips From Our Moving Team

  1. It’s all about the right-sized boxes.

According to our team for moving help in Miami, proper packing all boils down to using the right box size. That means things like pillows and linens, lighter items that take up a lot of space, should be packed in larger boxes. Heavier items, such as books, records or DVs, should be packed in smaller boxes to disperse the weight and make it easier to lift and move.

  1. Pack items in layers: Light at the top, Heavy on the bottom.

One packing rule that’s essential to stick to is weight layering, something our moving help in Miami really believes in. Essentially, when packing boxes, make sure the heavier items are at the bottom and the lighter ones on top. As you can imagine, this avoids needlessly squishing your belongings.

  1. Avoid leaving empty spaces in containers.

Use packing paper, or pack towels and clothing in any empty spaces. Not only will this maximize packing, but it will also limit items from shifting around the containers and reduce potential breakage.

  1. Don’t mix items from different rooms.

When packing, avoid mixing up things from different rooms, even if you’re trying to speed up your boxing. While it might make it faster to get things on the truck to leave, you’ll be dealing with some serious headaches when unpacking your belongings.

  1. Clearly Label Boxes and Add Contents List

By adding clearly marked labels to every container, your movers will know exactly where to place them. As well, affixing a contents list also allows you to quickly find items in the boxes. If there’s not enough room on the box for a list, you can tape an itemized paper to the size, add the list to the box before taping it up, or keep a record in a notebook that links the list to a numbered box.

  1. Don’t be a Scrooge with Packing Tape!

Believe it or not, packing tape is a godsend when you’re packing and moving. Taping both the bottom and the top of boxes ensures the structure and sturdy and can contain the weight of its contents, so you don’t have to worry about possible spillage.

  1. Ask About Customized Crating for Art

Artwork, paintings, pictures, and fragile décor should be shipped in customized crates to minimize breakage or damage. Before adding it to the crate, movers may wrap it in specialized paper, bubble wrap or secure it inside the container with additional packaging material for extra protection.

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