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Moving Home During a Pandemic – 5 Tips for a Safer Move

In the best of times, we can all agree that moving can be typically overwhelming and stressful. But during a global pandemic, as what we’re currently experiencing with Coronavirus, the challenges of a move can grow exponentially. While some people can put off relocating to their new home, moving can be the safest course of action for seniors and students.

As one of the leading moving companies in Miami, Griffin Moving and Storage is here for you when you need us. Here are a few tips from our professionals to help you reduce the risks and stress if you’ve decided to move right now.

  1. Place your health above all else.

If it is possible, then it’s ultimately best to postpone your relocation. However, when there is no choice, you are in a high-risk group or you’re rushing to get home safely, most moving companies in Miami can work with you to ensure the securest way to transfer your belongings. Remember, your health comes first, so make sure to hire experts that adhere to the strictest health and safety standards.

  1. Choose a team that limits contact.

Of course, this may sound odd since normally you’re looking for friendly movers. But during a pandemic, a time of essential social distancing to limit the spread of the virus, you’re looking for movers who can limit contact as much as possible. Speak to your movers a create a plan that both gives you exactly what you need and limits physical interaction.

  1. Consider professional storage as a back-up plan.

Consider temporary storage if you need to leave your location quickly. Nowadays, nothing is routine, so it may be your best – and fastest – course of action. Short or long-term storage provides a secure space for your items until you need to access them again.

  1. Ask about cancellation, refund, and schedule change policies.

When calling moving companies in Ft. Lauderdale, clarify their polices during this time. Ideally, you’re in search of as much flexibility as you can get with cancellations, refunds, and schedule changes.

  1. Use extra sanitation precautions.

With the need for added sanitation precautions in place, we recommend the following suggestions:

  • Do not reuse recycled boxes or containers from outside the home. It has been proven that Coronavirus can live on different surfaces like plastic and cardboard.
  • Before loading the boxes, wipe them down, then again upon arrival and before unpacking.
  • Provide your movers with sanitizer and hand-washing supplies to cleanse their hands frequently.

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