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Our Movers In Fort Lauderdale Share Tips For Moving During The Holidays

Our Movers In Fort Lauderdale Share Tips For Moving During The Holidays

Planning on moving during the holidays!?

Moving During the HolidaysHaving nightmares about your upcoming move?  Wondering how you’re going to juggle packing while looking for movers in Fort Lauderdale all at once?  At Griffin Moving and Storage, our experts have matters well in hand.  Their years of experience have provided them with know-how second to none when it comes to moving during busier periods of the year.  Well-equipped and skilled customer care specialists are prepared with friendly advice that will help turn your sleepless nights into pleasant dreams.

Five tips to help with holiday moving blues

Fearing that you’ll end up entertaining holiday guests with rolled-up carpets and unpacked boxes while desperately searching for the turkey baster?  Fed up with visions of box cutters and packing tape dancing in your head?  Our professional movers in Fort Lauderdale have compiled the following helpful suggestions to lessen the burden:

  • Plan ahead:
    • It helps minimize the stress of last-minute packing. Allows you to break it down over a period of time rather than cramming into a few days or weekend
    • Being well prepared ahead of time also means you can deal with hiccups more easily, if or when they occur
  • Think of your budget:
    • The holiday period tends to be a more expensive time for everyone. Take this into account ahead of time by working moving costs into the family budget
  • Avoid the holiday rush:
    • Coming or going home for the holidays usually means busier airports, busier stores, and busier streets with higher levels of traffic. Keep this in mind when planning.
  • Consider entertaining out
    • Head out for holiday brunch or dinner instead of having guests over. Do think of booking ahead as most places will be extra busy.
  • Take time to relax
    • Holidays are about family and friends. They’re about continuing old traditions while making new ones. Most of all, they’re about memorable times shared with loved ones, so remember to take the time to relax and enjoy.

Leave the heavy lifting to our movers in Fort Lauderdale and focus on those special holiday moments. Call Griffin Moving & Storage today for a free moving estimate.