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Our Packing Services Protect Your Items For Your Move

At Griffin Moving and Storage, one of our most asked questions pertains to home and furniture protection. People often ask us what we do to make sure we don’t damage anything unintentionally, namely the exterior and interior of your house, plus all your belongings. To answer the question, we’ve compiled this detailed list that will certainly put your mind at ease on moving day.

How our Packing Services Help Keep Your Items Safe on Moving Day

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Assessing parking space

First off, when we come to your place to provide you with an evaluation, what you may not realize is we also assess your location. Can we back up the truck to your front door safely? Do we need to use a smaller one to make sure the property doesn’t get damaged? We want to avoid these issues on moving day, so we take the time to assess the space we have to work with around your home.

Runners for flooring

Before our movers even begin lifting and loading, we normally lay down runners to protect your flooring. Doing so will greatly eliminate the change of scratching, scuffing, and denting the boards or dirtying the carpeting with our constant back-and-forth.

Skilled maneuvering

Our professionals use special equipment like loaders and trollies which require skilled maneuvering. We avoid dings and dents throughout the home by providing our experts with extensive training.

Proper wrapping

Before your furniture is loaded onto the truck, we typically wrap the items for protection. Our aim is to avoid contact and rubbing, which in turn can cause scrapes or cracks. That’s why our movers regularly carry large bolts of plastic wrap, blankets, and padding.

Secure transport

Once everything is carefully loaded onto the truck, we ensure further protection by strapping items down securely to prevent movement during transport. Without a doubt, this essential step makes a huge difference in terms of protecting your furniture and belongings.

Specialized packing services

We also offer professional packing services to take the stress out of packing everything by yourself. When providing packing services, we use quality moving supplies, so your personal belongings are secure and well protected. Aside from sturdy cardboard boxes, we also offer custom crating for fragile items or objects that are heavy or oddly shaped.

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