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Griffin’s Packers and Movers Create a List of 7 Packing Tips For Your Move

Your moving is coming up fast – but you haven’t even started packing yet! While hiring professional packers and movers will indeed simplify the entire relocation process, you may want to take on as much boxing as you can to speed up the transition. Packing is a daunting task without a doubt, but with the following 7 tips from our packers and movers at Griffin Moving and Storage, you’ll be ready to move in no time!

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7 Packing Tips From Our Packers and Movers in Ft. Lauderdale

#1 – Don’t Delay the Inevitable

Don’t put off boxing up your belongings because you just don’t feel like doing it. While this may seem like an obvious pointer, there’s nothing easy about finding the motivation to take on such a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Nonetheless, don’t procrastinate! Start packing at least a few weeks prior to your transfer date, by doing a few boxes every day to lessen the load. If you wait too long to box your stuff, you’ll be left to deal with a mountain close to your big day!

#2 – Separate Room Items When Packing

Don’t make the mistake of packing up items haphazardly. Choose a room and box everything, making sure not to pack items from other areas into that room’s designated containers. Worried about losing small knickknacks or mistakenly trashing them when unpacking? Prevent this from happening by wrapping them up in brightly-colored tissue paper to signify and call attention to your small package.

#3 – Use Packing Labels for Clear Descriptions

Eliminate unnecessary headaches by using clearly detailed packing labels. If your stickers aren’t large enough to list the contents of the box, label what room it goes in then create a content list on the side of each container.

#4 – Use Premium-Grade Packing Paper

It might be less expensive to use newsprint to pack your stuff, the ink normally rubs off everywhere, making a huge mess. Avoid having to wash your belongings or anything from getting permanently ruined by opting for premium-grade packing paper instead.

#5 – Choose New Moving Boxes Rather Than Freebies

Rather than choosing free boxes from the grocery store to pack your belongings, go with new ones that are specially designed for moving. Those perused ones have been through a lot to get to where there are now, which could mean water infiltration and weather damage – which means they’re structurally compromised and shouldn’t be trusted with your valuables.

#6 – Understand What Can – and Can’t – be Shipped

Speak to your packers and movers to understand exactly what items cannot be shipped. There are many hazardous substances that shouldn’t be packed with your usual cargo, which if spilled can create a dangerous situation.

#7 – Separate Valuables and Heirlooms

Valuables, important and legal documents like passports and wills, heirlooms, and fragile items should be packed separately from your other belongings. These things should be packaged and transported by you personally.

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