Do not recommend 2019

Moving experience was poor with untrained labor who broke a sofa , a chair and a glass door cabinet. Badly chipped a marble floor tile in the entrance way and did not mention anything about it. I found the supervisor drilling holes in the bottom of the sofa to do a hack job repair.I gave them a tip anyway out of generosity but then got a call from them asking who I had given the cash to and how much - like they don't trust each other even. Storage facility is nothing like presented on the website. It's an old run down industrial unit built in the 70's it seems. Tiny car park. No AC. The photo on the website is fake. Be careful with these guys. When you want to get your stuff back they will quote you an exorbitant rate to deliver. If you prefer to pick up yourself, Ryan will cheerfully hit you with a $170 dollar plus tax "docking fee" just for pulling your own truck up to the door and loading yourself with minimal assistance. There is a difference between being good business-men and rip off artists. In my experience Griffin fall into the latter category.
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