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Time-Saving Moving Tips

Moving Tips

The lengthy process of moving to a new home begins well in advance of the actual move. Preparation and organization is always key to a successful move. We’ve gathered some time-saving moving tips to assist you in settling in more quickly.



For some, organization comes easy and is a no-brainer. Planning is necessary to move more quickly and will enable you to finish tasks efficiently. Create a list 60 days before the move. Things can fall through the cracks during planning and relocation, so lists will help greatly.


Hire Professional Packers

Moving day involves more than just packing up quickly and leaving. When you pack like a pro, labeling boxes helps them get to the right rooms in your new house. For simple identification, assign a single color to each room. Label the top and multiple sides of the boxes.

Remember to be specific about the contents of your box. Not every box’s contents must be listed, but should be labeled well. Labeling like this: MASTER BEDROOM – NAME – DRESSER identifies the contents of the box and directs you to where to unpack it (the dresser, in this case).

To save time, hire a professional packer. A full-service mover will visit your home with the necessary tools, pack everything, and transport it securely. They will unpack and clean out all the trash from your new house.


Moving Equipment

When packing, the proper supplies are needed and do not necessarily need to be purchased. Try visiting convenience or grocery stores for extra boxes to save money. You may also need supplies like bubble wrap, paper, markers, tape, box cutters, and others, which can be purchased at supply stores. If you are not interested in buying these items, there are ways to save. Some dressers can be emptied, or the contents can stay. And instead of buying bubble wrap or paper, use towels, clothing, and rags to protect fragile items.


Hire a Moving Company

Moving can be challenging, but with the help of a professional mover, it does not have to be. If you need professional moving services, contact us today for a free moving quote!