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Tips For Moving Out Of State

Planning is an important part of any move, but it’s essential when you’re moving out of state. You should start planning and organizing as soon as you know that you are going to move to a new state. The first thing that you need to do is determine whether your new home will be smaller, larger, or the same size as your current home. If your new home is going to be smaller than your current home you may need to get rid of a few things to make sure that there’s room in the new home for all of your belongings. Here are some other things you should do to make a move to a new state easier:

Do Some Research

Try to learn as much about your new state as you can. Look up the average temperatures for the time of year so that you’ll know whether you can leave the winter clothes packed or if you’ll need them right away. Make sure you know what time zone your new state is in too otherwise when you’re scheduling your move you could run into problems. And check out the cost of living so you won’t have sticker shock the first time that you go to the store. If the cost of living is higher in the new state buy furniture and other items in the state you live in now and then move those items to save money.

Get Professional Movers

Local moves can usually be done with just the help of family and friends pretty easily, but when you’re moving out of state it’s worth it to pay for professional movers. Professionals know the best way to pack your household goods for a long move and they have all the supplies and equipment necessary to move your precious household belongings without breaking or damaging them. Plus most moving companies will assign you a moving coordinator that can help you plan your move and help you take care of any problems that come up during the move.

Sell As Much As You Can

If you have a tight budget and you want to keep your move as cost effective as possible go through your belonging and pick out just the things that you will really need in your new home. Sell as much of the rest as you can. The extra money will help pay for the move and having less stuff means that you will have less stuff to move. You can always get new stuff when you get into your new home.  Your existing furniture and other items might not even fit in your new home. Look at it as the chance to start with a clean slate and let it all go so you can start a new chapter of your life in a new home in a new state.