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Top 10 Hacks When Moving Into a Rental Space

Top 10 Hacks When Moving Into a Rental Space – From Griffin Moving and Storage

moving and storageThe closer your big day creeps, the more stressed you may feel about packing. Let’s face it – packing is easily the worst part about moving into a rental space. Figuring out what you’ll keep, what you’ll sell, and what you’ll get rid of is just plain exhausting. It’s nobody’s favorite activity. But, with these top 10 handy hacks from our Griffin Moving and Storage experts, you’ll not only save a ton of time, but you may actually come to find cleaning out your closets to be liberating!

1 – Change your address the moment you know you’re about to relocate. Avoid doing this at the last minute so as not to miss out on important mail.

2 – Before moving into a rental space, take pictures to document the condition of the unit. This is especially useful if you’re obliged to pay a security deposit – something you’ll want back when you move out.

3 – Skip the hassle of packing garments from the closet one by one. Group together several hangers – with the clothing still on them – and cover them using garbage bags. Moving and storage will be a breeze!

4 – Use paper rolls to organize the cords on small appliances or electronics. Neatly wrap the cords, then carefully stuff them inside the roll.

5 – Out of bubble wrap? Not to worry, just use some shirts for protection! They come in handy with breakables like picture frames, dishware, and knickknacks.

6 – No time to pack or unpack an entire apartment? Then, why not call on your helpful moving and storage pros? With packing, loading, unpacking, and assembly assistance, you’ll be set-up quickly.

7 – Before you add bottles of various liquids like cleaning supplies, shampoo, and hand soap to your boxes, wrap them up tightly with plastic wrap. Should they leak, you’ll avoid having to clean up messy explosions.

8 – Suitcases and gym bags are great when you need to move heavier items. Wheels, handles, and straps make it a lot easier to move them around and load them onto the truck.

9 – Keep your basics in a separate bag. Items like an extra change of clothes, toothbrush, and toothpaste, along with snacks. That way they’ll be easily accessible at the end of your tiring day.

10 – Ask for support if you’re on your own. If friends and family can’t come by, then request a full-service package from your movers.

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