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Traveling Long Distance with Pets

Moving Long Distance with Pets

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Moving to a new area or time zone may be difficult and stressful, and our pets can tell when we are under stress. Their familiar surroundings have altered because everything in the house has been packed, moved, or shrunk. Our pets cannot communicate with us, so as moving day gets closer, they could get more uncomfortable. The move may be even more upsetting for your pet if it is far away. This blog will offer advice on how to handle a stress-free long distance move with your pet.



Even before moving day, your pet can be confused. They may feel nervous since they are aware that packing and layout changes are unusual. In the weeks before the relocation, make an effort to keep their home surroundings tidy to maintain consistency. Stick to their favorites and don’t alter their food, routine, or nutrition.

Get your pet ready for the car. Stock up on their favorite snacks before the trip and bring them! They could grow anxious if they are not accustomed to long distance travel. Be careful when latching the container or carrier for your pet because it mustn’t move in the event of an accident.

Ask your veterinarian for advice before moving. They might be able to give you supplements to help with motion sickness or anxiety. Before the big day, make sure the tablets are functional.


Become knowledgeable about local laws

Find out the laws of the locations you plan to visit and halt before you go. Any animal crossing state lines needs to have a health certificate. Because laws vary from state to state, check first. State pet laws are detailed on the USDA website.


Routes Planning

Nearly all your stuff will be handled by movers, but they do not transport pets. Pick a form of transportation that satisfies your and your pet’s needs. The usage of a carrier or carton with fastening capabilities is ideal. Schedule times to stop for food, water, and bathroom breaks as well.



Before taking your pet on a flight, check the size limitations. Size limitations vary from airline to airline. Because certain planes may not permit pets, be sure to check first. It is advised to avoid transporting your pet in the cargo hold when it is particularly hot or cold. Large pets must fly in the cargo hold. A direct flight would save the need to change planes if they had to fly in the cargo hold and might be the best option in this case.



Pet transportation can be challenging. We want to reduce the workload with these suggestions. Contact Griffin Moving and Storage right away if you require expert moving services for any of your relocation requirements!