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What To Do While Movers Are Working

Most people employ movers to avoid lifting a finger. On the other hand, a moving day generally entails a slew of additional chores that the movers cannot handle. While hiring a professional moving company simplifies the process significantly, we’ll discuss many things you can do to assist in this article.

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Packing up

Unless you hired a moving company to pack your belongings for you, you must pack them yourself. On move day, leaving books on the shelf, dishes in the cupboard, and clothing in the closet adds time to the process. Before the moving company arrives, pack all your valuables into sturdy boxes and containers.



On moving day, remove and fold your bedding to allow your movers to pack the mattress and disassemble the bed frame.


Disconnect electrical devices

Even if your movers pack for you, disconnect and unplug all devices and appliances before handing them over. Prepare your gaming and computer systems before the movers’ arrival.


Remove extras

The last thing you want to do is pay to have goods removed from your home that you no longer want. As soon as you become aware of your move, declutter your home and donate, recycle, or sell broken, unneeded, or unwanted belongings.

Mark boxes

Label your boxes, so the movers know where to place them. Mark any boxes containing breakable items as delicate to ensure that the movers properly load them. Mark the boxes that must be unpacked first (pet supplies, children’s toys, etc.) to indicate which ones should be loaded last. Label the box on all four sides and the top so that the labels are visible.


Do not forget to measure furniture and door

Do not assume that your couch will fit through the front door.  Take measurements of doorways and furnishings to see whether anything must be disassembled. Notify the movers if this is the case.


Separate Items that Movers Cannot Move

Even full-service movers are not capable of transporting everything. By law, moving companies are prohibited from transporting explosive, perishable, or hazardous materials. Place these boxes in a separate area and communicate with the movers.



It’s a thoughtful gesture to bring refreshments to keep the moving staff fueled and hydrated while they move massive boxes, shift couches, and navigate the stairs without knocking over precious items.


Keep Kids and Pets Happy

Pets and children do not do well during a house move. If you cannot secure off-site care, keep them out of harm’s way. A clean room stocked with food, water, and toys, as well as a litter box or puppy pad, would suffice. The children will love using an iPad, playing board games, or visiting a neighboring park.



It is ideal for cleaning your house when it is vacant. Arrive at the new location before the truck’s inspection. After everyone has departed, clean up your former residence. Clean as you go if you are unable to clean ahead of time. The house will be spotless by the time the truck arrives.



Hiring a full-service moving company does not imply that you will be in the dark during the relocation process. You can assist the movers by doing various tasks during the relocation process. Bear in mind that hiring a professional moving company frees you up to supervise and double-check your moving checklist.

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