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Why it’s Important to Get Rid of Clutter Before a Move – And How to Do It!

When you look around your house, can you honestly say you use every single item? That you need all those kitchen gadgets? Wear every article of clothing you own? Most likely, there are many things you no longer use or even need. And, in some cases, you may even be surrounded by sheer clutter. If you’re about to start packing for a move, then now’s the best time to figure out what’s coming with you and what’s going to be given away. Not only do you want to declutter to lessen the load – and the cost – of your upcoming relocation but clearing up your space can also greatly impact your lifestyle for the better.

Check out the following advice by our Griffin Moving and Storage team on why it’s important to clear clutter and how to begin the process. As always, our Fort Lauderdale movers are here for you when you need a helping hand on your big day.

Why is decluttering such an essential step before a move?

Living in a clutter-free, clean environment comes with a long list of health benefits. Not only will you be creating a zone that’s more efficient and thus easier to live in, but you’re also clearing out your space on an energy level that betters your mental state of wellbeing. Most of us can agree that it’s quite hard to focus on any task in cluttered surroundings. Cooking, writing, reading, and even just relaxing can be difficult to do when everything’s a total mess. This reason alone points to the need for all of us to have a clutter-free space – and thus, a clutter-free mind.

How do I start to declutter?

Let it go (mentally) – If you have no need for something or haven’t used it in a long time, then consider the advantage for your state of mind to let it go. The process must begin on a mental level first.

Start to declutter – While it may be hard for you to do, the process is made easier when you do it room by room. Choose a room and get a few garbage bags and a moving box. As you go through your items, place items to donate or sell in the box, while things that should be thrown out should go directly in the bags.

Eye your furniture too – Now that you’ve gone through your items, it’s time to eye your furniture. Do you actually need everything? Aside from loading the truck on moving day, our movers in Ft. Lauderdale can also haul away the things you don’t want to keep.

Once you’ve assessed all the items in your home, you’ve successfully completed the decluttering process. Congratulations! If you’re still in need of professional movers in Ft. Lauderdale for your upcoming transfer, then call our experts at Griffin Moving and Storage. Our specialists can customize a relocation package that’s perfect for your move.