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Winter Moving Tips

Winter Moving Tips

Whether or not it was your preferred choice, you have a move in the winter. You almost certainly have some concerns about slippery conditions, your heating bill, and keeping your pets safe. The best course of action is to get professional help from a reputable moving company, who know how to deal with the weather conditions.

One of the biggest precautions to take is for slippery sidewalks. The risk of an accident and liability can be swept from your mind with professional movers on hand. To prevent any accidents, do your part by clearing all walkways of any snow and sprinkling salt if there is any likelihood of ice. Moving companies are licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can rest easy knowing that while avoiding the heavy lifting yourself you are being a responsible homeowner.

While most moves happen during warmer months, winter moves take a few extra measures. With people and boxes moving in and out of the house all day, your thermostat could get very stressed. We recommend turning your home’s temperature down while items are being packed up and loaded, in order to save on your heating bill.

Any pet owner would happily leave their creatures outside in warmer weather. Unfortunately, winter moves bring some added difficulty with pet care. To avoid any fleeing from the house or freezing out in the cold, we recommend boarding your pets with a friend, family member, or pet hotel for the day. This is the surest way to keep them warm, cared for, and safe.

The same should be done with small children, who run the risk of being underfoot while heavy objects are moved. Keep them safe with a friend or family member. This is an added chance to make the move fun and keep their spirits up.

To protect your home, you should also cover your flooring with plastic or tarps. This will prevent any wetness or mud from tracking in with all the foot traffic, especially around main entrances.

Lastly, call to confirm your moving plan with your company representative about one week out from the moving date. Your coordinator will be able to make any necessary adjustments based on the weather forecast and prepare the team for a successful move.